Privacy policy

Our top priority at Mego Indus is to ensure customer privacy. In order to give the customer complete security, we have a Privacy Policy that ensures full protection of customers’ data and personal information.
The policy basically explains what the personal information of customers is, how we use the information, who has the right to access data, and your rights to the collected information.

Personal Information:
 Mego Indus is completely responsible for all personal information of customers that includes:
Customer’s Name
Email Address
Phone Number etc.
Use of Personal Information:

 Mego Indus  customer information to fulfill order commitments and to provide customers with all expected services. We also keep your personal information record as long as we need it to fulfill your order, or as long as we require by law, after which all your personal information will be deleted.

Third-Party rights to access data:
 Mego Indus  may share customers’ personal data with third parties who are responsible for performing delivery service to customers on behalf of the company. Keep in mind that such shared information is also protected and secure. We do not sell your information to any third party.

Your Rights:

• You have the complete right to your provided information. If you mistakenly type any information wrong, you can ask for correction or even removal of the wrongly given data.

• The top priority of  Mego Indus  is customer privacy while dealing with you. To give complete security to customer’s information, we have a Privacy Policy.

• Our top priority at  Mego Indus is to ensure customer privacy while dealing with you. In order to give the customer complete security, we have a Privacy Policy.

• If you have any questions, please email