MMA Shorts

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The latest MMA shorts are purposely designed to maximize your performance and allow extra flexibility to legs. The anatomic cut at each side of the shorts allow greater range of motion and stretchiness for high kicks, quick stretch outs, and other activities with the help of the double layered flex panel. Exclusive mid-thigh design along with side cut to ensure free mobility. While retaining the flexibility, toughness and durability is attained with the quality material and T3 reinforced stitching. MMA special inner strip waistband with interlocking drawstring is used within the design for adjustable and best fit.
Made of stretch micro and micro twill
Innovative Fabric for Maximum Flexibility
T3 stitching for higher strength and endurance
Anti-microbial and odour-preventing properties
Strong Grip Waistband for an Accurate Fit Every Time
Efficiently and ergonomically designed for enhanced mobility
Customized sizes & Color’s
Custom logo can print on the short,


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